Working with Children


Some areas that can be addressed are:

  • anxiety

  • anger issues

  • bed wetting

  • low self esteem / negative self talk

  • bullying

  • allergies

Through my teaching experiences, it became clear to me how often children unconsciously

take on limiting beliefs. Please call me if you are concerned about your child, or children to discuss their personal

situation. It is normal for a parent to want to help but it is not always easy to know how to best support your

child through adversity. In our sessions children are given strategies that they can employ to cope with

challenging situations and transform their experiences. 

Sometimes it can be helpful to our children to equip ourselves. 


Working with Parents

Working with Parents

some areas you may choose to address in a session are:

  • believe in your voice as a parent

  • not pass on your limitations or fears

  • be able to choose your reactions to your children rather than just impulsively reacting or repeating the same patterns.

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