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Stuck in Survival Mode?

3 things that will change your life.


If you have noticed that your life is not going the way you want. That you are lacking motivation, procrastinating, struggling to change things, addicted to things or feeling isolated, don't think it has to stay this way. 

This is just your body telling that something important needs your attention, and if you listen, understand and learn techniques, you can turn things around. Give yourself a gift and take action rather than avoiding. Join this nine week online course to create or bring back your zest for life.

This course is led by Rachel Sietzema, a Mindset Coach who helps people navigate the feeling of overwhelm, manage life’s stresses, and uncover their true confidence. 

Rachel takes a holistic approach towards changing deep-seated patterns of behavior and undesirable survival strategies engaging both the conscious and unconscious mind. 

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Review webinar by Zero Waste


 ECO - ANXIETY  Webinair delievered

Thank you for holding the environmental anxiety workshop for us online. People enjoyed how you opened a heavy subject and made it easier to discuss. Eco-anxiety and concerns about our environmental future can affect well-being, or cause psychological distress. And people don’t always realise how much it’s affecting them or those around them.

The feedback from the group was that they could relate to what you were saying. Your talk was easy to listen to, engaging and gave a sense of empowerment. I look forward to working with you again.


Kirsty Bishop-Fox

President, Zero Waste Victoria

Sustainability Consultant | Speaker | Educator | Environmental Writer

Sustainability Pathways



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