Change old patterns. Transform your life. 

Change you and your world changes

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At  UchangeU step into your potential.  Rediscover your love for yourself, release longstanding trapped emotions like guilt, anger, regret and find your confidence.


No matter our past, every one of us has experienced, consciously or unconsciously, emotions, patterns or actions that impact our behaviours and way of thinking.  Some of these can help us grow, adapt and learn and others limit us and block us from accessing choices and options to help us.

Using unconscious techniques, we work together to:


Uncover negative thought patterns

Recognise traumas and transform past experiences 

Release longstanding secrets

Release emotions that have directed your actions


Ultimately, through exploring your ways of thinking, patterns and subsequent behaviours, we help bring greater balance to emotions such as fear, anger, shame and sadness to uncover choices you never knew existed. Choices that could potentially(can) help you live your life with more confidence, more truth and more joy.

Online, phone or in person sessions available