Angus 11

Rachel helped me with my fear of heights by using helpful strategies.

I have never liked heights and now with Rachel's help I have achieved way more than I ever thought I could have. 

Alice 9

Before seeing Rachel I had tried to sleep over at friends but it didn’t work out. I felt so stupid at the time but Rachel helped me and told me things I would have never thought of if she didn’t help me. I’m so grateful for all the things she took me through and all the work she did for me.


Now when I go for sleepover I forget about all the things I used to be worried about and now I actually have fun. If I was worried about home then she would tell me things like ‘ how good will it be when you see your family tomorrow.’ I have enjoyed this treatment very much and it has been life changing because I can have fun with my friends a lot more often. I would TOTALLY recommend this treatment to everyone!

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Uchangeu assists people to uncover and shift behaviours or thoughts that are unhelpful. This can be done many ways such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix and Psych K.


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