Lindy Ferguson

After a small number of sessions with Rachel I'd say this may be one of the best investments I have made in a long time;

- ) Covid shutdown of my business and life here in VIC brought in some major challenges for business and on a deep emotional level.


Rachel is a highly skilled counsellor with a range of intriguing techniques. I love the ease of this work.


Online sessions seem remarkably effective. Working with the wonderfully supportive Rachel has helped me find greater clarity and capacity to move forward on business as well as personal issues.


My sense of wellbeing and productivity have improved markedly. Opportunities are beginning to flow in again, hooray! I can't recommend Rachel highly enough and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.



Julia Makin

Attending this session was and still is the best decision I have made for myself and as a result my friends and family too.

I discovered uchangeu earlier this year when doing a Google search for Psych-K after hearing about the concept on a podcast by Dr Bruce Lipton.

Not only is Rachel, the founder and facilitator extremely kind, generous and talented, the techniques generally work and I have seen many positive changes in my life as a result.

I am extremely grateful for Rachel and her services and highly recommend Rachel and uchangeu to anyone wanting to make a serious improvement to their lives.

Thank you Rachel. There is not enough words to describe the positive impact you have had on my life.

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Jason Kaye


Rachel’s calming manner and her incisive techniques allowed me to fully recognise that I was operating at enhanced stress levels, we identified my sources of stress and then she helped me learn the simple techniques to allow me to reduce or remove unwanted emotional responses. All through the relaxed sessions, I have found a confidence in her and the methodologies that have positively improved my outlook and the ability to manage stress.

I came to Rachel because of her manner and the faith I had in her as a person. When I started with her I had been unemployed for 2 years and within 2 months I was employed again in a job I am excited about.

As someone who finds these types of approaches hard to rationalise, I was cautious but open to the possibility that something that I was not naturally familiar or comfortable with could help me to improve my wellbeing and emotional state. Subsequently I have felt a significant strength and belief that whilst I may not fully understand the techniques, without a doubt they have helped me.

Peter Wilmont

Rachel guided me through perceived problems that were stumbling blocks in my life and turned them into stepping stones leading me along the pathway of life. 

I had visited several psychologists to sort out the issues that I have, but none of them identified the root causes of the problems, which she did quickly. They then provided me with the tools and strategies to rebuild my confidence and turn my life around. 

I am very cynical and analytical before I embark on any new experience, but Rachel put my mind at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. While intimidating at times, then thoroughly enlightening at others, the result has been very positive. 

I highly recommend Rachel's innovative approach. 

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Lauren Mallaby

Sue Anderson

This process was very powerful for me to look at the beliefs behind my thoughts and to explore these. The sessions were fundamental to my healing because it created the domino effect, which led to the collapse of old thinking — opening space for new and positive changes to take place in my life.

Going back and giving voice to my “former self,” I found very helpful in “letting go” of deep-seated hurt, anger, and resentment.

It changed my understanding of who I am and my perception of myself and real value. I now believe in myself in a much more positive way.

Louise Small

From the first time I walked into Rachel’s space, she has created a safe and comforting atmosphere, where I have felt nurtured and comfortable in sharing more information than I have with any other person.

Through my sessions with Rachel, I have overcome my phobia of needles. My phobia was one where my pulse would quicken; my breathing would become shallow when I thought of a needle. With an injection pending, I would experience symptoms similar to a panic attack (shortness of breath, rapid pulse, head spins, often felt as though I would faint or throw up). Since my sessions with Rachel, I have been able to view needles without the intense level of trauma.

I first began seeing Rachel because of a trauma I experienced as a child. Through several sessions, I have been able to transform the way I view the trauma itself and to rewrite the way I remember the scene. Through Psych-K sessions, I have worked hard to release my built-up trauma and have been able to break free of the pain.

I had one session with Rachel and it literally changed my thinking and attitude. As a skeptic, I was unsure of what to expect. However, it was amazing. 

As Rachel proceeded with the process could feel the evaporation of tension. It was almost tangible. I came away thinking that the problems I had been experiencing were not unfounded but unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

I look forward to future sessions and further relief from a fantastic technique with an inspiring helper.