I am a Change Facilitator who works with the conscious and unconscious mind.  Psych K, EFT, and Matrix are some techniques that allow people to access their unconscious to facilitate change at a more dramatic level. Using these modalities, I can assist people in identifying and transforming limiting beliefs that are affecting their health and happiness. 

I have worked as a qualified primary and special needs teacher and Life Educator for over twenty years. Through this, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the diversity and complexity of people’s thinking processes and resulting behaviours at a conscious level. Over the years, I have developed an awareness of how subconscious thinking affects people’s lives. From here, my interest in understanding and working with these hidden behavioural influences grew.

There are many challenges that we all face in life, and our beliefs affect how we interpret and react to them. It is evident to me that we need a toolkit of strategies to navigate our way through daily interactions. 

I found Psych K and Matrix at a time where I had been struggling with childhood trauma and health issues both in my life and in my family’s life. I had used both conventional medicine and alternative therapies in an attempt to alleviate constant daily headaches and migraines which,  I experienced over 16 years. It was when I finally worked with my subconscious mind that I experienced a significant shift and freedom from this debilitating condition. 


My personal experiences taught me the power of the mind and its ability to influence our experiences, both positively and negatively. Often we attach a belief to a situation that initially provides seemingly useful protection in that instance, but in our current life situations, this belief holds us back.

These modalities have proved to be incredibly supportive in assisting myself, my husband, and my young daughters to manage our journey with my husband’s cancerous brain tumour. It helped us with emotions of denial, grief, loss, anger, fear, and victim thinking and brought us to a place of peace, understanding, and grace.


Since then it has been an honour to be able to assist others with their challenges using the depth of my learnings.

To medically understand the power of the Mind, in healing, watch or read Lissa Rankin, MD

"Mind over medicine - scientific proof you can heal yourself"



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Uchangeu assists people to uncover and shift behaviours or thoughts that are unhelpful. This can be done many ways such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix and Psych K.


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