I don't know your particular situation yet, but I know that I was tired of the way I dealt with situations and the same patterns kept occurring in my life. I tried many ways to change: determination, willpower and talking about my problems. But it didn't change, and I was still stuck in a cycle of dis ease within myself.

The change came for me when I went beyond the words, the discussions to the deep root of the problem: the unconscious beliefs that were steering my decisions. 

I imagine you've tried to make changes and they haven't worked. In that case, it's not because you're lazy, it's not because you haven't wanted to. It's not because of lack of effort even though you might find yourself procrastinating. Procrastinating is just a strategy for a brain when it's overloaded and in stress. I hear you say, how can this be a strategy? Because when we procrastinate, we are just wanting a quick fix to survive a difficult time. Problem is it's like taking a jellybean instead of a meal it's never going to cut it.


Why put a Band-Aid over a splinter when you could pull it out and not have the issue at all. I don't know how you feel but sometimes pulling out a simple splinter is surprisingly satisfying.  Once it's gone so is the pain, and your attention can now go to so many other things. When you transform unconscious beliefs that have been protecting you, suddenly you can make decisions and see options that you had never noticed before.


Have you ever noticed that when you change one small thing, it has a cascading effect?

I had some destructive patterns, but I could not even see them. I could see them in others quite clearly. However, I could often consciously justify my behaviours (as most of us do).


I don't want you to read this and think, but she doesn't know how hard my life is, and so dismiss the relevance for your life. Yes, I don't yet know your struggle and how many ways you have tried or been battered or let down. But I know pain too, I know what it feels like to struggle and how dramatically this can change. So why would I not to share this with you and help you transform your world? 

Let me give you a glimpse into a little of my journey.  I married a gorgeous Man only to have him diagnosed with a brain tumour all in our first year of marriage. I survived that but not without resulting PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) from fear losing him from clonic tonic seizures. I had always suffered headaches. However, these became daily and migraines more frequent after my husband's diagnosis and the discovery of my brother being repeatedly molested at work. (My brother has Down syndrome)

I tried everything to fix my pain. However, consciousness alone did not transform my life. Working with my unconscious brain opened up a world of change, I had never envisaged. I'd love to say my world is perfect now, but you would know I was lying. Instead, I can honestly say I am able now to believe in myself, treat myself with respect and care and find joy and meaning in life again. 

Mind you, I didn't even realise how much I was struggling throughout my life. I was not aware of how poorly I spoke to myself. Once I started changing unconscious behaviours and thoughts, it changed the way I was in the world. What does this practically mean? I was able to make decisions and trust them, able to see choices where I once couldn't, able to take risks and thrive, able to face each day with energy and purpose. When I started to recognise my unhelpful behaviour, I needed to learn that those behaviours came to protect but were now limiting my life. 


"We offer others what we need to offer ourselves", and I have spent a lifetime assisting people in unwrapping their issues. If I had only realised that was what I needed. I now as a Mindset coach have the skills to help you to transform what is limiting you in your life so you can find health and live with passion and joy. 



I worked as a qualified primary and special needs teacher and then a Life Educator. Through this, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the diversity and complexity of people's thinking processes and resulting behaviours at a conscious level. Over the last 8 years, I have developed my work with the unconscious mind and its influence. Now I work with peoples unconscious and conscious mind to bring about the desired changes in their lives and allow them to thrive rather than just survive. 


You are closer than you think to change. The biggest thing stopping you is not starting. So take a plunge and trust you deserve more than this, and you can find it. 


To medically understand the power of the Mind, in healing, watch or read Lissa Rankin, MD

"Mind over medicine - scientific proof you can heal yourself"



Mindset coach